QuickSelect Adjustable Kettlebell | 40lbs
QuickSelect Adjustable Kettlebell | 40lbs
QuickSelect Adjustable Kettlebell | 40lbs
QuickSelect Adjustable Kettlebell | 40lbs

QuickSelect Adjustable Kettlebell | 40lbs

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The FitFox Fitness® QuickSelect Adjustable Kettlebell gives you the ultimate workout. Quickly adjust the weight from 10lbs to 40lbs with a turn of a dial. It's perfect for strength building and a full-body workout while taking up less space than a full set of kettlebells.

The adjustable weight plates, kettlebell structure and handle are all made of cast iron.

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Why CHOOSE FitFox Fitness?


Say goodbye to clunky and space-consuming workout equipment. Get workout equipment that takes up minimal space at home! You can get a range of weights with less space.


Our workout solutions pack in multiple weights to help everyone from beginner to athlete. Adjust the weights to match your strength while you quickly progress, add weight and get stronger.


We stand by our quality which is why we offer a one-year warranty on all products. All of our equipment are forged with the finest of metals that will withstand even the toughest of workouts.

Make Every Rep count

FitFox Fitness is with you on your fitness journey. We provide premium home workout equipment that to help you hit your fitness goals. Let's make every exercise count, one rep at a time.